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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Very Happy Mother's Day To All!

Talk about dating yourself....take a look at that photo...smack dab in the middle of grandpa's garden. No wonder I have a green thumb. I actually still have that little rubber kewpie doll from 19...well you do the math :o)
And YES, those are the original cards given to Mom waaaaaaaaaaay back when.

Wishing all of you a Mother's Day filled with joy!

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  1. Look at how beautiful you are! You haven't changed a bit. LOVE your little doll, too.
    I hope that you had a sweet day! Fiona and I also thank you for the beautiful bouquet of flowers. She is blushing cause Gussy sent them to her....and she is packing her bags for Casbah when she gets home from getting her hair done! wink...