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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Ma Is Older Than Dirt Today!

"At least that's what she's been saying all week...heck I like dirt......
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"I like it so much that I can't quit digging in it. I asked Gussy if it was her gotcha day. He told me that it was different for humans and that they make a big stink over it."
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"Well gee whiz, I can cause a big stink in the house if I chew up a shoe or chase one of the cats....and I can make a REALLY big stink in here if I don't get to my "designated area" out in the yard in time!"
Heck, I can make a big stink over just about anything..and boy do I get into trouble if I don't get my way!"

"Anyway, back to Ma.....today I'm taking her with Pa to go out to eat. Ma got me a new dress for the occasion..... a red and white gingham ( what ever that is! ) I heard her say something about getting a bottle of the bubbly.... I wonder if it mean that she's gonna go get groomed? Pa said something about presents and flowers...gee I wonder if any of it will come my way?



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Especially the flowers!
I LOVE to dig up the ones out in the yard.....
but gee I'm only tryin' to help out! At first Ma got really mad when she saw what I did....but you know...."

"....it finally dawned on her....
I was watching EVERYTHING that she did and trying to mimic her( at least that's what I heard her say!) When Ma realized that, she got crazy excited....started talkin' about a light bulb goin' on in my little head and her big head at the same time...start callin' and emailin' everyone today..telling them I was the best lil' gift she ever got for any birthday!"

"Whew........all that 'cause I learned where to do my business and when to do it.....and all that yakkin' about mimicking her.........zheezh.....I thought that crazy bird was the only one doin' any mimicking around here! Guess I finally found my place in the critter totem pole here by the beach!"
"Well.....that's about all I have to talk about for now. I gotta help everyone get prepared for our little celebration here. I expect that she'll have a lot to talk about after HER gotcha day.....if she doesn't have too much of that bubble or bubbly or whatever that stuff is...bye for now.....
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Love, Becky (and my big brother, Angus 2 ;>)


  1. Becky, in the first picture you looked like you'd had a night on the bubbly!

    Great pictures. Hope your Mum has a brilliant Gotcha Day.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Last night our Mom realized that your Ma and our brother had the same Barkday!! But we think your Ma might be a bit older than our human brother - he is 32 today!! We wish we could celebrate with both of them.

    You be on your best behavior today - that is the best gift you can give your Ma.

    Aunt Lilly, Dad, Mom and your brother, Ruairi

  3. Happy birthday to your Mom. It has to be a good day with you around to make her laugh.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOM, BECKY!! I hope you and Gus make it a very special one for her.

    Hugs XX

  5. Happy Birthday Becky Mama!!!!!!

    Smileys and Snuggles!
    Dory, Bilbo, Jacob and the Mama too!

  6. Happy birthday to your mom, Becky! She's got the best pressie ever already - YOU!
    We hope you both celebrate together in style!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Happy Birthday... darling pictures of darling pups.. and flowers. Enjoy your day. Katie and Fiona, SoCal Scotts

  8. Happy 'Gotcha' Day to your ma!

    I'm sure woo will make it furry furry special!

    PeeEssWoo: I hope there's khake!

  9. Well Happy Birthday and I love the dress

  10. Happy Birthday!!!! I'm glad you have a new little wee one to help you celebrate. Maggie came in last night with a little brown dirt nose! Scotties do love to dig!!!

  11. Happy birthday - have a great day :o)
    Judie, Duncan & Hamish

  12. Happy Bark day to yer Momma! I hope you got to share the cake.


  13. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

    (Becky, be sure to tell your mama that she is too cute!)

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope it was the best one yet and, probably was, what with Becky. At least, that's what Becky told me.