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Friday, April 30, 2010

Scottish Terriers, Sunglasses and Doxycycline

A revelation in the middle of the night...that's what I had after being given a prescription for the wonder antibiotic, doxycycline. I woke up around 2 am..then 4...then 5:30.
At 5:30 I decided that I should do something constructive with my insomnia. Remembering my doctor's famous last words, as I left the office ("try and stay out of the sun while you are taking this...and wear sunglasses"), I had a revelation....an Epiphany if you will...


What did all of the delivery people have in common when they came to the door.....Gus could not see their eyes. All he could see were faces without eyes....alien faces...
Now some of you may balk at this, but I think we are onto something here. In a wonderful training article publicized by the Dog Whisperer, he suggests having different people visiting your new puppy to train him (or her.) If you have only a small pool of people on hand, the next best thing would be to have the same people visit, wearing different outfits....and scents.

I can see it now....Ringling Brother's Circus parading in, out, and around the house. All with an intent to de-stress Gus and acclimate Becky Blue Bonnet to her new surroundings.

If our neighbors didn't think we were a bit eccentric before, they will be certain of it now. I am thinking that if we have circus aliens with sunglasses, parading in and out of here for about a week, maybe G-dog will settle down....maybe....or maybe he will decide to join the circus himself!
And in the center ring we have Angus...the only Scottish Terrier that can see voices and hear colors!


  1. I hope I remember to take Becky's sunglasses off before we bring her in to meet Gussy.


  2. SHE trained me sorta like that. First she trained me to sit/stay in one spot back away from the door, then increased it to where she could walk to the door, open it, say something and bring a treatie back to me.

    Then we went to the Mr. knocking on the door.
    That took a bit longer.
    Then...the l o n g e s t was a friend came to the door and knocked. OH I WAS SO EXCITED. Sometimes, I still get so excited I run around the living room arrrroooooing before she can get me in my spot. But once my butt is down in the spot, I will usually sit/stay till she gets someone in the house. Then all bets are off whether I will meet n greet politley or jump all over someone.

    The good side of this training is LOTS of treats are involved. Nummmy!



  3. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is Gussy growling at you?
    You just crack me up!!!


    word verifation:

    translation: don't wear a coat to your house otherwise the dogs will nap ya!

  4. LOL........too much cutie....no,not a growl from my little G-dog.......a yawn, caught in mid-motion.....he looks like he's wearing a pair of those fake wax candy lips.....ROTFL

  5. Bella needs some of that training. Unfortunately, she's getting it from Grumblebum Kendra. I don't know why she doesn't copy me! I'm always sociable.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. that is totally a possibility. my big sis asa does NOT like strangers who wear hats, so there you go!
    the booker man

  7. I hope you feel better soon, Nancy.. If you have your big welcome Becky Blue party, have fun!!
    XXOO< Fern

  8. what a darling little scottie. i think they can sense many
    things that we cannot. we should trust them more.

  9. Sadie and Sam ran around on Sheep Shearing Day and were perfect angels! That's the first time either of them were introduced to a large crowd of people and they behaved beautifully; I was so proud!

  10. My friend's spaniel knew me well. I took care of him when they went out. If I wore a hat he'd bark at me. If I took it off, he stopped. If I put it back on, he started barking again. Crazy dog!!

  11. Oh boy, socialization. We had a big garage sale for 2 days a week after Katie arrived. She got to me people of all ages and about 300-400 of them. She had a blast. Once she has her puppy shots done, then she can visit other dogs & go to Petsmart.
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie