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Saturday, April 17, 2010

For The Love Of Animals

This will be a short post due to the time and the fact that I think the link will speak for itself.
Many of you follow Life With Dogs..I know I do and am proud that I do! Nigel's Dad attended a conference this week in Ohio, which included a session called,"Be The Change You Want To See."
Please follow the link here and link here to read more about the cause, for helping animals.......nothing means more to me, my family (all the furry and feathered members), and the other humans!

Here's to you Nigel...and Sola...and Truffles..and even Boo :>)...and of course your wonderful mom and dad!
Consider yourselves hugged!


  1. Thanks for the new site but I can't read it. It's just too difficult for me to read white letters against a black background; my eyes are too weak.
    Drats. Looks like a great website too.

  2. ♥ to you for making my morning! I think it's about time I do some good for a change, no? :)

    I'm thinking about changing blog colors - I have seen the above comment quite a few times recently...

  3. you have a kind and caring heart and yes it would be wonderful if we all become the change we would like to see! quite powerful!