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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Men in Black...or Blue...or Brown...

Gus hates them......all of 'em....if they are carrying a box and wearing sunglasses, watch out..

1) FEDEX...will kill on contact if could,
2) UPS...will tolerate to a point, but would kill if Mom were not looking,
3) USPS.....will growl and bark at, but when approached , will calm down with a treat.

Today we had what I would call, an "incident"...other people would call it crazy ( unless you have a Scottie dug.)I thought that our neighbor needed to borrow a couple of tools from the garage. I hear a tap at the door, and went to open it.

It was not our neighbor....it was #1. Mr. FedEx looked to be about 6'6" or 12' to Gus. Mr. FexEx stood there, saying nothing, and held out a box and a device that looked like a remote control for a robot ( I had to sign it.) Before I had the chance to even open the door ( thank GOD), G-dog hurled himself against the glass....now any of you who have one of these charming little dogs, knows what I mean when I say,"alligator jaws" or "shark frenzy". They snap first, and ask questions later. Fortunately we have never had an actual "incident" here.

We did almost have an incident once....it occurred when #2 attempted to make a delivery. G-dog appeared out of nowhere, charged the box, bit it, and ran up the stairs...not sure who was more confused, G-dog, the delivery guy, or me.

Bonnie, G-dog's mom, never reacted like that...Ryan did to a point, but not like my little guy. I have no clue why he freaks out like that when they appear at the door.

Possible Explanations:

1) He thinks that there are people coming to hurt his family.
2) He thinks that there are people coming to hurt him, or
3) He thinks that there are people coming to...............

Fill in the blank......ANYONE out there who can tell me why he goes ballistic like this?
Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Well he obviously just doesn't like the looks of these guys. They haven't taken the time to let him get to know them and he loves his family and NO ONE is going to hurt them on his watch!

  2. Well my dog Charlie is so the same and we just cannot figure it out! If you find anything to alter this behaviour please let me know!

  3. Well, he must think that they are going to hurt him for some reason, I personally love to jump on and wag my tail constistantly at these guys. MY mailman comes with treats so I love him. Hopefully he will get over it soon cuz they are harmless Gus!!


  4. LOL His house..His people...His front porch...his door..his door handle...simple is his!! Delivery people do not belong unless they bring treats..otherwise ...not so much!

    Kinda like the rules for toddlers...if I see it, it is mine, if you saw it, it is mine, if I touched it first it is mine, if it is fun it is mine, if it is good to eat it is mine..etc etc... Especially if you come near My Mama....cause she is mine the very mostest!!
    Love sweet Gussy girl..she just loves ya!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  5. our sweet westie does the same thing, even though
    he is an angel with everyone else. i think the packages
    look like weapons to them and it frightens them . . . or
    they have been hurt by mean delivery men.

  6. I only hope he doesn't react that way to people carrying puppies.

    Becky Blue Bonnet

  7. I looooove the UPS man. He leaves treaties on the boxes for me n Puffy. Not so much the mail guy...and not at all the FEDX guy. But she has trained me to go back 15 feet and sit down and W A I T for freakin ever cuz of door incidents. Not me biting anyone, but me bolting out the door to FREEDOM!!! There are special treaties on the table by the door and I only get em when I stay like I'm supposed to. Sometimes it takes a minute or so for me to assume the position cuz I'm soooo excited so she talks to whomever is on the other side explaining the situation.

    The Flashy Jaws of Death!
    Yeah...those are great. We were bred to fight badgers and have humongous teefers and when we are in the mood we can open em up realllllly wide...and the resounding SNAP when they close is kinda like the sound a shotgun makes when you pump it....people NOTICE! I'm thinking it would snap a finger right off. But you really have to be rude to invoke the Flashy Jaws of Death.

    I'm sure Gus is just protecting his home from package invasions. You may or may not want to train that out of him. Why spend big bucks on an electronic alarm system that just makes an annoying squuuueeeeeeee when you can have a Scottie for alarm raising and border incursion protection too.

    The Flashy Jaws of Death! oh yeah! Bare em with pride!


  8. It's a scottie thing. Kendra hates everyone, even people who've visited before. She goes for the ankles if given a chance. Unfortunately, Bella seems to be shaping up the same.

    Me, I love everyone. I welcome them.

    XXXOOO Daisy (Kendra & Bella)

  9. My guys can hear the truck way down the street and start gathering at the door barking. They think he has a present for them, either new toys or even better, some new treat. I think they'd lick him to death.

  10. Yea I have to tell you all the he ONLY will do that with delivery men from the above three....not FTD, not Balloon people, not take out food ( 'cept for one girl from Luigi pizza), and NEVER for people bringing a tree...or dirt...LOL.
    When the tree people come that dog would abandon the family in a heartbeat, and get in their truck, and leave with them...even if they are a new face...no problem ;o)

  11. well...#1,,,KUDOS to the letter carrier for carrying dog treats...I was a letter carrier for 7 years, carried dog treats and lollipops.

    #2...BROWN, was always issue for us with our old dog 24 years ago...he would bark at the trucks just driving down the road...now considering that they say dogs are color blind, I have now clue haw Fritz was able to pick out a UPS truck from other panel trucks...I even owned an old USPS Panel truck for my mail delivery for a while. Even if we were in the car driving (with Fritz) if he saw a ups truck even from a distance he was start with the barking and the hackles on his back raising.

    Like with Cats, Men, and God...some mysteries will never be solved! LOL


  12. Perhaps they could start wearing pink?

  13. He's terriertorial.


  14. I never would have guessed! And I have no idea! :)

  15. Good Gus! He's protecting his own and for that I say...Good Gus!
    I know you have to be on guard to prevent him from biting but for guarding...Good Gus!

  16. K9friend hit the nail on the head....terrier-torial. So true! Gus is doing his J-O-B and making sure that no harm or foul happens to his beloved momma and family. Duhgall won't go nuts, but oh my, little Fee is the biggest doggie doorbell ever. She starts barking before anyone even reaches the door. Keen hearing!

    Gus is a spitfire!! Gotta love his passion!!