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Monday, January 31, 2011

Can You BELIEVE What That Little Puppy Can Do????

Look at that innocent face......what trouble could a little angel like that POSSIBLY get into?Puppies at Rocky Creek were going and coming, coming and going.....New PEEPS were having their dream of having one of Lynn's "Sweet Wheaties" finally come true!
Leaving by plane, train, and automobile ( well, planes and trains anyway ;o)

There we were.....the decision had been made..we knew that we were getting a puppy...and oh what a puppy we were getting!
How many of you remember how Becky could climb out of her puppy pen (little did we know that Becky would be able to scale the puppy gate too!) No barrier could keep that puppy from getting what SHE wanted, when SHE wanted it. DO any of you remember how high that puppy pen wall was?


  1. How well I remember it - and then we had to add a puppy play-pen around it to make the walls higher and before we knew it, Becky and Tori enlisted Ruairi's help in getting out. Poor Ruairi - he would help them and then he'd be stuck inside by himself. Becky was so smart though - she knew if she got out that I'd make her go in her crate, so she'd just run over, hop in and close the door.

    I'm so glad you're doing this recap - it's bringing back a lot of wonderful memories for me.


  2. She's a smart little girl, full of vim and vigor. What a treasure you have!! Look at that sweet face!!! You just have to smile!! :D
    ~Allie & Pippen

  3. I love smart, active puppies. It's wonderful to watch them figure out how to get what they want. They can be a challenge, but worth it.

  4. That cutie could get what she wanted just by her look. She was a real cutie and still can get her way I aqm betting.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. Awww - that face!!! What a wheatie sweetie!! I bet she gets her way all the time - who could resist???

  6. Hi Becky blue bonnet
    I'm Asta , a fwiend of the wocky cweek scotties..I admiwe youw high wiwe skills! A twoo tewwiewost in the making, hehehe
    smoochie kisses

  7. That's why Puppies are issued those licenses fur their furst year or two or three ;-)


  8. Oh I can smell the sweet little puppy breath