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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Simply Silly Saturday

A simply silly Saturday indeed!

It began with the word verification on blogger.......now this probably describes a condition that people have, who are obsessed with Scottie dugs!
You have to have at least one....two of course is better....and three..well now we are talkin' about a serious condition!
You can't live with 'em some days...............but you can NEVER live without 'em!

I DO love my Scottie Dugs!!!

.....and that includes you too my little Becky Blue Bonnet..two more weeks and you'll be home! Then the fun will REALLY begin here!!!!!


  1. Sweet post. I agree, you can't live without them!

  2. they are just so cute!

    i have a westie, who is a
    kissin' cousin to a scottie.

    he is the delight of all
    eight of us!!

  3. Scotties forever!! See you in two weeks!

  4. Oh but you do make me yearn to have a Scottie of my own! Angus is just so precious and Miss Becky blue Bonnet is just too cute for words. I'm so lonely, boo hoo.

  5. Silly Saturdays are the best!!


  6. Nancy, you are the sweetest scottie momma!! Gus is so lucky to have you to care for him and little Becky is going to be in for a real treat!

    Happy Maw-thers day, my pretty friend!!! The is my scottish accent thrown in on mawther....