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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Totally Terrific Tuesday!

Well it had to be.....actually feeling a little better here......the birds are singing, the bees are pollinating the flowers....
...the goldfinch family returning for another year
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....blue skies above reflected in our gazing ball...
mmmmm....heavenly hues!
Our first Knock Out Rose(tm) of the season...
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and speaking of FLOWERS........
...I think I saw a little Scotch Bonnet peeking around the bend today....
...can you spot her?
certainly a pretty little girl...........hiding in all the greenery!
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Hey....wait a minute...Becky? How did YOU get here?

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.....oh wait a minute...I know...you must be visiting here via blog land to let everyone know that your peeps had a bit of a bug too over the weekend! Don't forget to stop by Rocky Creek and say hi to Lynn and Gary...they had quite a bug indeed! Feel better guys!!!!

I FORGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone needs to RUN not walk to this wonderful blogger site, for TRUE INSPIRATION...Kelly Berkey
Everyday I seem to meet yet another beautiful soul...one who out of the goodness of their heart, reaches out to others in need. With Mother's Day, Bridal Showers, Weddings, Graduations...and BIRTHDAYS.......hint hint...you may be in search of the perfect gift....look no further....I know I won't be....what this wonderful lady haz done will take your breath away.....and remind you that we are all connected!


  1. Becky is one cute puppy! Glad you are having a beautiful day!

  2. What a beautiful yard!! We stopped by to give the RCR Mama and Daddy some get well licks earlier today. :-)

    Dory and Bilbo

  3. Wow, just beautiful flowers! I love the knock out roses, I have three of them that have started blooming and more irises than I've ever had bloom. Life's just beautiful this Spring isn't it?


  4. those are super pretty flowers! me 'n asa sure do love sniffin' them, but we don't have as many flowers in our backyard as you do.
    the booker man

  5. your garden is exquisite, and your puppy adorable

  6. Really pretty flowers and such a cool yard.
    Becky will be there very soon huh??


  7. Your flowers and your prayer garden are just gorgeous. So what can you tell me about a Scotch bonnet? I've never heard of this flower. If it's the pink one it sure is pretty.

  8. Becky is so sweet. Are those strawberry flowers? The pictures are beautiful. Enjoy they colors of Spring.

  9. Well dear Sweet Bee Cottage..

    NOW I am certain that I spent a little too much time, too soon in the sun today...
    scotch BROOM....
    ...LOL..not bonnet
    ...oh boy....scotch bonnet is the seashell, in front of the scottie statue. We dedicated that area to our Bonnie Bluebelle...before we knew that Bonnie was pregnant my friend and I were walking on the beach in Florida and found dozens of scotch bonnets..we looked at each other and thought..."hmmmm, maybe Bonnie will be having puppies soon after all."
    I still have the ones I brought home...in the garden, by our scottie pictures...all over ;o)

  10. Beautiful views of God's handiwork as usual!!
    Is Becky a Westie? she is adorable!

  11. I have to answer the above post with a resounding NO - Becky is not a Westie. She is a Wheaten Scottish Terrier. And a darn fine nurse - she helped keep a bit of laughter in our life as we muddled through our bout of illness.

    Thank you for your well wishes.


  12. "Hey Miss Lynn..............BOL...BOL....what she said....that's my baby sister Becky....she's wearin' her trial kilt in that pic!!!!"

  13. Wowowowowow look at your yard...popping out with beauty all over the place..the gazing ball...Stunning! And the sweet pup..giggle..so cute!! Love the skirt:)
    We are suppose to have two inches of snow tonight...seriously..so over winter already!!
    Hugs to you my dear friend, Sarah