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Friday, December 31, 2010

An End Of The Year Miracle

We had a miracle here yesterday at home....an end of the year miracle. I was in the grocery store gathering goodies for a quiet New Year's Eve at home. After days of being cooped up due to this:
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I spotted a miniature angel face Rose plant ,similar to the one I bought for my mother-in-law, this time last year. Not being a common color, I snatched it up immediately.

I had forgotten that we had one crysalid in the terrarium, wintering over.

When I got up today, I found this:

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I had to do a double take......


It was the first Christmas we were celebrating without my mother-in-law......ever....could it be that knowing how difficult it has been this holiday season that we were given a sign that all was well?

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I can tell you that we all feel at peace tonight......the end of a year with more changes than we had ever experienced before...and while there were many changes, like that butterfly, we survived and even experienced a radical change in the way we view things...Life will do that to you....

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From everyone at The Strawberry Mallard...Me,Becky, Angus, Macy, Princess, Bootsie,Lucky, and our in the crawl space kitty, Blackie aka Audrey Hepburn( another tale or tail for another year ;o)..we hope that the new year will bring you peaceful growth...like that butterfly.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho Ho Ho......Waiting For That Jolly Ol' Man Tonight!

"Becky go to bed.... Santa will be coming any minute now..."
"OK Ma, me & Macy are goin' now!"
......OK Macy Ma left the room...now remember you watch out the window and I'll take the back door!"
"Come on Macy, ya gotta help me out here!"
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"Aw Macy you can take your cat nap later, come on buddy, GET UP!"
"Hey wait a minute.....do you hear that.....at the back door?"
"kinda early, but maybe we ARE number one on the list!"
"Hey wait a minute...HALT..who goes there..friend or foe?"
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"Hey Blackie are you planning on spending the night here?"
"Well OK, but be QUIET...we don't want to scare Santa away
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"Better listen to her Blackie, we've been waiting a long time for those gifts!"
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"OK now I'm gonna get the rest of the menagerie and then we'd better hunker down!""
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"Maybe I'd better keep watch by the front door...I can do the couch potato routine..
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"sleep..... sleep.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."
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"Forget it........I gotta be with my peeps....check back later today and hopefully, we'l have a lot of puppy and kitty stash to share with you all,,,,,,in the meantime, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night ;o)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mail Call For G-Dog & Beckaroooooooooo!!!

For G-dog from Moon.......
How cool...look at it all..and you can eat your card????
.....whoaaaaaaa...can I have one of your........no maybe not
Aww gee Moon, TY lil' fella....
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Godmother Becky.........
and Doggy DEPP??????Whoa now if only Ma cound have the real thing.......
and did you lok at that tote.....the profile of DUGHAL

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I love you Godmother Becky.......look at my BEEEEEAUTFUL butterfly pendant...
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and THEN..the Beckaroo got a package from Wyatt!!!
WHOOOO-HOOO....and a big TY and.....
Aroooooo......look at my original bobo!!!
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Becky and Angus and their Ma and Pa want to thank you very very much....gonna be a BIG puppy dog holiday here in NJ with our clan!xoxoxox!!