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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Whew.....can you believe that it's two years years today since my RC Ma and Pa brought me up to my new Ma and  Pa in NJ!
Remember when my canine Ma Carrleigh had us nine rascals? It all seems like a blur........
All nine of us went from being snug as bugs in a rug to traveling all over the USA and Canada...I feel as though I was the most fortunate since I got to travel with my brother, Ruarai and Aunt Lilly Bug too! My sister Lady Victoria was already in NY.......and oh what a lovely lady she is...not like me, the perpetual TOMBOY!
SO when I looked at the calendar today,
I had to remind Ma what a very special day it was and still is ~ our peeps became an extended family , and with a little luck, they will be horsin' around with us soon!!!