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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Murphy's Law

Behold...an image of Beckarooo laughing..better to laugh than cry.

Murphy's Law known also in our home as "the norm", continues to control our very existence. Now without trying to sound melodramatic ;o), I have to first apologize to everyone, and ESPECIALLY to Lynn aka the Rocky Creek Mom, Miss Jean in the Garden, and my very dear friend ( and the Beckarooo's God-Dawg Mother, Miss Becky of Modesto. I owe you all a phone call, a parcel, and my undivided attention...( count on the first two tonight! )

I would like a full week here in my home where things do not go wrong....that would be my idea of a real vacation. Being able to come and go whenever I please, without ANY responsibility. Being able to turn on the AC, the phone, the 'puter, the t.v., and last but not least, my 1998 Jeep Cherokee.
Within the last 5 days, all have gone haywire...blown up, blown out, crackled and died, vanished from my view, and in a nut shell, ceased working.

Comcast and the heat took care of all five of the above....no phone, no Internet, no t.v., no car, and no AC when it hit 90....and no I have not lost my mind...yet...that will come later, when there's time.
I will only tell you about the AC...the compressor went, on our 18 BTU, the mother AC...you do NOT want that to happen with a elderly mother and a menagerie...ever.Now the one good thing that happened......the doors are coming on Thursday. They were supposed to be here in two weeks...when they arrive and are installed that day, it will be two months...we assumed that two WEEKS meant two weeks.....
Do you all remember the movie, "The Money Pit"....that movie was written with our home in mind.

No, my darling puppy, we are not ready to give up yet...we believe in fairies....window and door fairies...REALLY, I am clapping my hands and my feet...they gotta come or I am outta here. The only way that we can open or close our porch door, is by lifting it up and banging it, til you hear it catch...couple that with Mom going in and out a hundred times a day and you begin to see why I am having a meltdown....and one made much worse by a lack of AC......brain melt down, mental melt down, ice cream melting before you can get it to the table.....MELT DOWN.....the Summer of 2010...one to remember.

Again, we apologize...we are trying to catch up reading blogs, shipping TY gifts, shipping ETZY stuff............just catch up!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Ma Is Older Than Dirt Today!

"At least that's what she's been saying all week...heck I like dirt......
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"I like it so much that I can't quit digging in it. I asked Gussy if it was her gotcha day. He told me that it was different for humans and that they make a big stink over it."
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"Well gee whiz, I can cause a big stink in the house if I chew up a shoe or chase one of the cats....and I can make a REALLY big stink in here if I don't get to my "designated area" out in the yard in time!"
Heck, I can make a big stink over just about anything..and boy do I get into trouble if I don't get my way!"

"Anyway, back to Ma.....today I'm taking her with Pa to go out to eat. Ma got me a new dress for the occasion..... a red and white gingham ( what ever that is! ) I heard her say something about getting a bottle of the bubbly.... I wonder if it mean that she's gonna go get groomed? Pa said something about presents and flowers...gee I wonder if any of it will come my way?



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Especially the flowers!
I LOVE to dig up the ones out in the yard.....
but gee I'm only tryin' to help out! At first Ma got really mad when she saw what I did....but you know...."

"....it finally dawned on her....
I was watching EVERYTHING that she did and trying to mimic her( at least that's what I heard her say!) When Ma realized that, she got crazy excited....started talkin' about a light bulb goin' on in my little head and her big head at the same time...start callin' and emailin' everyone today..telling them I was the best lil' gift she ever got for any birthday!"

"Whew........all that 'cause I learned where to do my business and when to do it.....and all that yakkin' about mimicking her.........zheezh.....I thought that crazy bird was the only one doin' any mimicking around here! Guess I finally found my place in the critter totem pole here by the beach!"
"Well.....that's about all I have to talk about for now. I gotta help everyone get prepared for our little celebration here. I expect that she'll have a lot to talk about after HER gotcha day.....if she doesn't have too much of that bubble or bubbly or whatever that stuff is...bye for now.....
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Love, Becky (and my big brother, Angus 2 ;>)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We forgot.............about the nature of...

the Scottie dug.........
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just how much work one little puppy can be.....we forgot about the potty training, the crying at night when they feel alone.....the little things that they pick up and put in their tiny mouths..........
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We forgot how much time that they need to have our company....when they are learning all about the new world they are in.........

We forgot that they are not little versions of bigger dogs, but in fact, are babies, that can have a major tantrum....
and feel frightened at times...........

Babies that need oh so much time, and patience.......the loving part is very easy...the training part can make you feel helpless and hopeless....

How an older dog will now need ten times the amount of reassurance that he's still the top dog...
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When you add a little baby dog to a home with an elderly human Mom, it can become a lot to juggle.....especially when you begin to see the human Mom becoming more and more frail.....

So please forgive the absence....we know that you all want to see our little one everyday, while she learns and grows and discovers new things....
......and how we help the other critters adjust to their new sibling!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Socializing & Sales

Well Ma & Pa said that I did SO well in Ocean Grove last weekend that they took me back for the BIG Bi-Annual Flea Market today!
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Pa got to carry me around a lot today while Ma looked for fleas. I don't get it though....with all the medicine we take to keep from getting fleas, why would Ma BUY them?
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Pa told me to just grin and bear it for today since it was a girly thing!
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Me and Pa got pretzels and fruit tea...I got to have the fruit, the ice cubes, and even a little bit of that BIG pretzel.
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We had a real nice view of the beach... sure wish that I had worn my sailor dress from last week...maybe I would have gotten to go on one of those boats!
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WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Slow down Ma......I think I just had a vision of what Heaven will be like!
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Yeah,Yeah....never mind that other dog.....get back to the treats!

Did you ever SEE that many treats in one place?
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Ma bought the peanut butter and carrot heart ones for me and my brother Angus...I promised Ma that I would wait til we got home to eat them with him, but ya know that aroma got the better of me!
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"I know, I know Ma...NO!!!!!!!!"
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Pa thought that the bear would be cool in the den, but Ma wouldn't have any part of it.....I kinda thought that the sheep would be cool.They even looked a little like me!
You can tell that we settled on a more "practical" item ( yea right...a doll bed......looks like a dog bed to me!)
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Wellllllllll.....it DID come in handy when I got tired of laying on the ground!
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Okay.....enough resting...time to move on to bigger and better things......like maybe another treat???
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Anyone for popcorn?
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Mmmmmm...wonder what kind they have here?
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Awwwwwww Ma!!! Whadaya mean that bed would be too big for me? What kinda dog would wanna sleep in that? A BIG dog??? How big are we talkin' Ma?????
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Oh....THAT big......well okay........how about we go to the pavillion so me and Pa can sit for a spell? My paws are BARKING!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yea I know we gotta get going.....
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My brother haz been waiting for the num num treaties from the doggie bakery tent!Yup, I gave him mine too! I LOVE my big brother!
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Hope that you all have fun over the weekend like me and my family did!
BTW.....Ma was jumping for joy 'cuz we found a vintage pitcher, that matched Gramma's set from the 1950's ( I didn't know that my new Ma was older than dirt ;>) All Ma kept yakkin' about was the DE-TAIL!
Humph....me and G-dog have the only de-tails that anyone need be concerned with in our home!

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