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Friday, June 17, 2011

"I Had A Ruff Week Here Guys!"

Boy do I mean RRRRRRUFFFFFFFFFFF. It started all a week ago Monday.
First I had a little fever, then I started shaking, then I peed and Ma noticed that it was a color she is NOT used to seeing...needless to say, I was fit to be tied.
So off I went with Uncle Richard ( who loves me more than ANYTHING in the world...yes even you Beckers) to see Dr. Campbell.

Remind me to find an alternative plan if I ever feel that badly again.
I only went willingly because I felt like a dog......a tired crabby dog who wanted to feel better.Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.................to make a longstory short I had an infection in my bladder. Dr.Campbell said that older dogs get them sometimes...but the other thing that they found out was that I had hypothyroidism! Now Ma told me that the infection was a bit of a blerssing in disguise...you know like the silver lining in the cloud you see often after the fact...

NOW I am going to have to take my antibiotic for a few more days, but the thyroid pill I have to take twice a day for the rest of my life ( which Ma tells me will be a long and happy one.....maybe she's a fortune teller!)
The one who really had it the hardest here while I was recouperating was Beckers.SHE had to play guard dog in the yard to Ma's little charges, who are not looking so little anymore!
Boy did that little gal have her paws full.....no job was too big for her...
...she even tried to help locate food for the mommy bird. We're not certain that she appreciated Becky's snooter bein' in the grub, but hey, her intentions were good!
Once I was able to go out in the garden again, I gave Becky a little down time to help Ma eat.....er....I mean prune the roses...

Now Ma wanted to hare a little bit of news with all of you.......we all know that Ma was born on Father's Day...
and that this particular birthday was very special for Ma...special because now she was going to able able to start getting REALLY big discounts at fabulous places
A lot of people when they reach that double digit number are looking to relocate to one of THESE PLACES

Ma and Pa however are choosing another path.....well at least Ma is...she kinda had to present it to Pa in a roundabout way. Hopefully very soon we will be able to share some very exciting news about what's in store for them....I think it may be involving a horse of a different color, but it's too soon to say.

Well we think we have been yapping long enough here today...Ma & Pa may be going to Chincotegue over the wekend to see if they can locate that horse.or maybe a place to keep it for awhile ;o)
Have a great weekend.we'l check in with you all next week!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Drumroll Please............

Bet you all thought we fell off the face of the Earth....we promise to do our best to keep up our blogging, now that we are back in stinky( errr,,,,,,,,we mean wonderful NJ.....BOL!!!!!!!!!)

Miss Jean in the Garden, come out of the garden for a spell and claim your prize!
Not to worry, we cetainly will be popping in with other events soon. Today Miss Becky went to the vets and was told that she had beautiful eyes, terrific knees, and a strong body.......woo hoo!!!!! All Becky could say was "no way jose, and get that needle away from my heiney!!!"

Now on to our next bit of news...we have baby birds.yup...two of them. It appears that all that wind we had last week knocked their nest down the chimney.and oh what a time we had coaxing them out of the crevice in the brick they were stuck in. We can now say that we are fostering, Heckle and Jeckle:..and yes we CAN tell them apart..one is just a wee bit bigger than the other...

Can you imagine the stories they will be telling their feathered friends once they take flight finally?
"Yea it was crazy, we got blown down this big tunnel, then a big thing with five smaller things grabbed us and stufed kitten food in our beaks!"

ANYWAY, that's it for now. We'll be updating our bird tails ( err...tales) hopefully during the week! Miss Becky is proving to be the most gentle soul with her little charges!