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Monday, April 30, 2012

You Have To Do Whaaaaat?

No way.......
a new way to blog......oh no....we are so far behind........we're not even sure how to use this...and we have a lot to talk about, being gone so long!
We can't figure out how to preview, how to save, how to insert a picture form a phone....this make my head hurt! On top of everything else, we can't figure out how to access our dashboard!
It's all scary stuff and makes us want to run and hide!

Well I guess that's it though..no more laying around, watching life as it passes us by....it's time to sit up and pay attention!
We had even forgotten that it's been THREE YEARS since we started our blog..........and back then we knew NOTHING about blogging....now we just know, next to nothing.........

Try and bear with us , as we once again try and get back on track.....we can see where we got off track, and are gonna do our best to get our footing right again!