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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Day Late, A Buck Short............


....... we didn't forget what yesterday was...........BECKY'S FIRST GOTCHA DAY ANNIVERSARY........

We have been very disorganized of late with all of the comings and goings at our house...what better way to take a break and regroup, than a road trip! This is the first time that the Beckaroo and I have EVER spent time together away from home base.....whew.. .I'd be lying if I said that she wasn't a challenge.......but in the end it has proved to be an adventure that neither of us will forget...and oh the things that we are seeing together!

Like this....
.....and this....
.......and even this....

We will be posting as much as time permits, but wanted to take the time out to say thank you..to ALL of our followers, many who have turned into friends over the past year..and what better to say thanks, than with a

G I V E A W A Y!!!!!!!!!!!

At the end of our trip, we will once again be using our friend, RANDOM GENERATOR, and the ninth blogger to leave a comment will be getting a very special gift from the best store on the Eastern Shore of Virginia...none other than....HOWL NATURALE

Keep checking back this week and before you know it we'll be popping in with the name of our winner...until then, we did not come to the end of the world, only the ramp...

.....and for Becky, the end of a VERY long day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

About That Tree...........

"Well Becky you know we have to work on planting that tree today...better go get Gus so we can get an early start!"
"Humph! I can push that tree all by myself now...what does Ma think I am, a baby?"
"Whew this is gonna be a little harder than I thought!OK..on the count of three..one.....two............."

"grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....hey Becky?"
"Whatcha doin' little one?You're not trying to move that big tree all alone are you?"
"Boy am I glad to see you G-dog.I heard Ma & Pa talking about using a doggie to move this here ol' tree......I figured she meant me, being the younger and sassy one..."
"No Becky.... they need a DOLLY"...."You mean a toy?"
"No Becky.you better let Ma & Pa do the work today..I'm sure they'll find something else for us to do....as a mater of fact, see all that grass seed Ma and Pa planted..I think they need us to help smoosh it into the soil for them, so it'll grow quicker!"

"Uh-oh...gotta run now..See Ya........."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day & Murphy's Law

MAY DAY........MAY DAY....ahhhh the visions of youth dancing around the Maypole.....I can still recall last year when in an attempt to engage my 93 year old mother in "blogging",she told her own tale about May Day....what lovely images her story conjures up..I can almost smell the lily of the valleys.

Our May Day was a little different this year, as was Arbor Day

and Easter,
and well just about every day the last few weeks. We have begun to embark on a journey that no homeowner wants to....renovating, beginning with a new window in the den...
...and trust me any work in an 85 year old home is filled with surprises......

Take AC...no not Atlantic City, although had we won a million or two it would be easier to begin working on our "home". We do not have duct work....we have working ducks
.... but no duct work. That means that in order to install the central air conditioning, we have to have ducts run throughout the house, the closets, the walls, and anywhere else they feel we need them.

Why are we doing it now, after living here for twenty years? Well we currently have not one but SIX window units, and for all of you who think that if you live 3 blocks from the ocean that it is a cool breeze that you feel on hot summer nights...WRONG!

Sorry Charlie, but it is warm air...stagnant warm air. Also after the electric bills from last year, we decided to bite the bullet and get it installed. It gets a little insane turning the window units on and off, with the fans, all day long for Mom who is hot, then cold, then hot..no wait that's me now ;o) (hint hint)

That's where Murphy's law comes into the picture ( and the picture I will be referring to is none other than, "The Money Pit"

Right after we signed the contract to finance our major purchase, we had a storm here....and the roof began to leak....and then the hot water heater began to leak...and then my brains began to leak...I know that my brains leaked as well, because I saw Becky and Gus running away with them in the yard, trying to find a place to bury them
......that would be in the deep holes that we dug for the two trees we were planting for Arbor Day.

So here we are....with new trees, a new hot water heater, a repaired roof and awaiting the destruction of our home..be it ever so humble,as Dorothy said, "There's No Place Like Home!"