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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Can you keep a secret?

Something funny is going on around here.......At first I thought that ma was foolin' with me, you know pullin' my paw........it bein' April Fools Day and all....

Ma has been talking about Snickers coming to live with us......she must mean the candy, it bein' almost Easter and all

All the talk about Snickers in the basket.....

She keeps sayin' that how cute the puppy is (well I know that, I mean all puppies are cute....but what does that have to do with candy?)

All the yakkin' about pretty in pink....geez I don't like pink at all ma...I better pay close attention to her now....I think this may affect me in a big way!


  1. Hope you are not too traumatized.
    Hugs, andrea

  2. Oh I know that having Angus around is a joy everyday!

  3. Are you getting little Snickers from Rocky Creek Scotties??? She is such a cutie!!


  4. Hmmmm.....does Lynn have a puppy named Snickers..
    we have to go check that out ;o)

  5. Hi, I'm glad to meet you and I'm so very happy that one of my two favorite Scottie pups is coming to live with you. Now I can watch her grow up and get into trouble and do silly puppy things. Congratulations.

  6. ohmygoodness! mr. angus ryan, you silly billy, you are gettin' a little sissy named snickers!!
    she is a cute little thing, too, so you are gonna looooove her! :)
    oh, by the way, my name is booker. rocky creek scotties spilled the beans and sent me over. it's very nice to meet you, and i hope we can be friendz!
    the booker man

  7. Oh boy, I bet I know what the secret is!!

  8. Oh My!! We are so very excited about your new arrival!! I think you will love having a new friend to play with!


  9. We're so happy for you and little Snickers, I mean Becky Blue Bonnet. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures together.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  10. now you just made me crave a candy bar!

  11. Hmmmmmm...something cute, wiggly, small and puppy-like headed your way? Or, oh! April FOOLS!!!
    Nice to visit ya! I'll take a Snickers, please.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  12. OMD you're not being pranked! It's lil Becky Blue Bonnet. Luckies!!!

  13. Hi Angus!

    I found your blog through the Rocky Creek Scotties' blog...my name is Scottie (heh!)! Nice to meet you!

    You are so lucky to be having a new sister! Can't wait to hear more about her...*grins*


  14. Becky Blue Bonnet is just the cutest name ever!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Oh I am sooooo glad our little Miss Snickers so pretty in pink Becky Blue Bonnet is going to YOUR house! Now we will get to see her grow up and become a swift warrior princess like ME! I'm doing the Scottie happy dance whirl!

    kissess to everyone!

    Bonnie the wee Scottie

  16. Do keep us posted on sweet little Snickers!


  17. How wonderful to know that we will be able to follow the new life of one of those adorable pups here - Snickers is a sweetie.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. what a dear....and black and pink is just so....chic! a real sweetie (pun intended)

  19. Hi there,
    Lynn from Rocky creek sent us over to meet you!!! We are so HAPPY the you will be taking the new puppy!! Becky Blue is a wonderful name.
    I will become a follower of yours and I hope we will become great friends. I just love the idea that we will be able to follow the life of one that we have followed since birth.
    Do come over and meet me and my animals.
    We are just so happy that a blogger is getting one of the pups!!!!
    After the Easter is over do come and meet us, Fern

  20. I wanted to stop by your blog and THANK YOU for all the encouraging words for my sweet Jedidiah. You always have the sweetest words for me and I so appreciate all the love and prayers! Thank you for helping us fight this battle. Much Love. Lori Harper