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Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Filled Friday!

Becuzzzzzzzzzzzz.............it's RUMMAGE SALE TIME!!

Time to hit all the best our area has to offer ( and help a good cause as well ;o)
My favorite one to go to:
Saint Mary's By The Sea
This beautiful old church always has the nicest ladies working there..........and the selection of items..I can;t even begin to tell you about the treasures I have found there over the years!
I went early to check out a few collectibles..alas no Scottie items..a couple of very pretty angels, and a really neat old photo of a magnificent sailboat.more about that later.

****BUT FIRST****

I want to thank everyone who has been keeping our friend Brian in prayer. Less than a month ago, he was diagnosed with oral cancer. On Wednesday, he underwent a grueling 14 hour operation, to remove the cancer. The plastic surgery also took place, that will enable him to continue to grace everyone with his wonderful anecdotes. That certainly had to be the most difficult part for him. Rising to the occasion with dignity and grace, he has begun the journey toward renewed health. Already they have gotten our Irish lad out of bed and had him take a few steps.

While it will be some time before he does a jig, he will continue to take baby steps, and then giant ones on the road to recovery. O Becky Blue Bonnet, one of the first puppy tasks you will have here ( being such a great junior RN ;o)...cover Brian with puppy dog kisses, a will G-dog.....a big party awaits Becky..an even bigger one when our pal returns home.

Hoping he will not mind, the photo below has to be one of my favorites...he's holding a vintage Knickerbocker gingerbread doll, that my sister gave me in the sixties
Please continue to keep him in your prayers!
We love ya Bull Dog!


  1. I am so glad to hear the news about Brian. I don't know if I ever told you or not, but my background is in the dental field and oral cancer always scares the ---- out of me.

    Have fun at your rummage sale - I'm so jealous. Maybe I'll be able to hit up one or two on my way up.


  2. I will most certainly keep Brian in my prayers hon!! Glad to hear he is on the other end of it all!!
    We have a local church sale place too...looove going there and poking around..always find some sweet treat or two..or three..or four...
    Glad ya liked the tie dye...I actually do run a summer camp each year. I have a full house all summer full time and we do all kinds of messy fun art and lots of science stuff..but the tie dye is the highlight of the summer..we must do 50 or 60 pieces..I looove it.
    Hope all is well with you hon!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  3. Wow! What a road he has had. I will stop & pray right now...

    ... Annie prayed with me too.

    An old church full of antiques sounds heavenly!

  4. Hi
    We will remember Brian too, My mom loves the rummage/garage sales and she will be going here soon enough.


  5. cancer is the pits.
    many well wishes to your friend!

  6. We will keep Brian in our prayers too for healing.

    Rummage sales are the best, have a blast!

  7. Continuing to pray for Brian!

  8. lots of gooey nose kisses to mr. brian for a a super duper recovery!!
    the booker man