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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Before & After

How do you all like my new look...am I TOO CUTE or what?
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I had better be after the "ruckus" I caused here!!!!

Main Entry: ruck·us
Pronunciation: \ˈrə-kəs also ˈrü- or ˈru̇-\
Function: noun
Etymology: probably blend of ruction and rumpus
Date: circa 1890

Our Ma REALLY is mad at me today...... been muttering about how noone did anything around our home while she was away and had ten times the amount of work to do when she got back....been going around like a chicken ...a very ANGRY chicken....
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Yup...madder than I ever saw her!
Yesterday we had to go to the vettie, cause me & my brother had an itchy bumpy rash on our skin..nasty looking stuff. After the vettie ordeal and the humongous bill, we ( well Ma decided), that we had to cut my hair at home........whew.....it took her over an hour to get this far!

Wanna know why I am smirking?
I chewed a hole in the kitchen floor right before zhe came back..........ya gotta see how big I made it now! Pa thinks that I was helping them along to get the new linoleum..........
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THEN Ma went out to get the paper and didn't know I was right behind her...............BOOM.........found an opening in the front and down the road I went......how cool was that...like a gazelle leaping along the road...I thought it waz the Yellow Brick Road ...you know the one that Toto pranced down????
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Fortunately a nice bunch of people cornered me ( did I say NICE?)
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I think I'm in the dog house BIG TIME now. Ma told me I can't take my leash off in the house anymore til the REAL fence goes up in front...not the temporary one, which we know I can get through now whenever I want! )My brother G-dog(aka SAINT ANGUS by Ma now)

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told me not to try it but I did anyway....now I have to suffer in silence..........well, not REALLY in silence......I can't hold back that ARRRRRRROOOOOOOOO when I gotta let it out

Happy 71st anniversary to our pals Dorothy and Toto ( and their good buddies 2!)


  1. You are just about the cutest puppy I've ever seen, but I want to know what the problem is with your clan - we have two Ruairi chewed holes in our living room floor too. I'm always after him for licking the floor!!

    But Beckers - that last picture of you is a classic - you're as precious as a petunia!! When you look that cute, your Mom can't stay angry for long!!


    Happy Birthday to our WOZ buddies too!! We love them.

  2. You are adorable but thank goodness you didn't end up in OZ!!!
    Soft fur hugs!

  3. i can't believe any dog that cute could
    possibly be responsible for all that!!! :)

  4. Oh, this is just too cute! Brings back memories of our dear Connor boy when he was just a wee pup. Yikes, it's hard to believe all the mischief he got into around our house back then. Funny, but they always happened just before I left for work. Thanks for sharing. Mumzie

  5. Becks, you are WAY up there on the Cute-o-meter! Luckily it sort of balances out the scottie puppy devil. We live in a house of chews.

    Our human says whenever she goes away, she has to PAY for having a good holiday when she gets home! Just part of the deal.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. Well...I will aroooooo for you..but am thinking maybe some good puppy behavior is in line here..to get you out of the puppy house!!
    And tell your Mama..that I do that Mad hen thing..wayyyyyy to often!
    That all said...you are darling..sweet pooch! Hugs to you and your mama!!

  7. Pippi torn up a HUGE chuck of our linoleum as a pup too!!!

  8. My furst SibeSta Taltia did a number on the floor - and a chair -

    Mom thinks there were mice in the apartment - living between the furst and sekhond floors -

    As fur your freedom run, as a rekhovering runner myself, please don't do it again -

    BUT I do know how much fun woo did have!


  9. Oh my goodness Becky, did you really do all that? Your Ma did a great job on your haircut and you look like a doll.

    Hugs XX

  10. OH Becky,
    You are just adorable. Yikes, that chewing, I bet Mom was mad. The only thing I chewed was my dads phone charger, I got in lots of trouble for that!!


  11. Oh, the joys of owning a scotty. Or should I say, being owned by a scotty. We had one that chewed the carpet - a big long stretch of carpet. As in, having to get a family room full of new carpet. Miss Maggie is a runner as well. She's gotten out front twice and you would think she was part greyhound and part jack rabbit. It really scares me so we are very careful with the front door and gate. Make sure you have Becky chipped. Maggie is 2 1/2 years old now and has calmed down and doesn't chew any more, not that she doesn't dig up my flower beds once in a while. She's so calm I think there's something wrong, "Honey, I think Maggie is depressed!'

  12. ok....could she be helping out any? and she probably did not send you a bill for the labor. how could something so adorable be so destructive? i am thinking that an attic rat (aka: racoon) paid her big time to take the fall. ha.


  13. saint gussy...he could be anymore angelic!!!!

  14. ps: you would NOT believe the word verification:

    INFESTOR! i swear!!!