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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dog Fest 2010

"Ma and Pa took me to the very first annual Dog Fest in Brick, N.J. today...they said it was a fundraiser for the Rotary Club...I didn't know that they had a club for people who like to go around in circles!
........it's just a hop, skip and a jump from our home...
...man look at the crowd here...
.... hey lady,all I wanna know is where are the free treats????"
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Uh-oh..my dog trainer Gina just spotted me......I AM walking nice, I swear Gina...!!!
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Now hold on Pa, I wanna have a look see here.......
LOOOOOOK! My pal Nigel would be proud of that family...they adopted FOUR greyhounds

Way to go people!!!!!!!!
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Hey look at that.....not a Scottie toy...
Now my lil' pal here really made the best of a bad situation....what a trooper!
Don't ya love that cap?
Kudos to your mom for helping you go the extra mile!
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OK now which way to the goodie table?
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DEEEEEEEEEEEEEElicouz indeed!Hey can we get a doggie bag to go for my brother G-dog?
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Hey maybe that big dog can tell me how to get to the beach
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Lemme in that water will ya?
I'm not afraid of that wave......
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Hey did you double dog dare me to take a leap in that cold water?
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Aawwwwwwwwww OK Ma, I'm commin'...me and Pa had enough anyway...hope you all enjoyed our day out!AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR....what Ma?OOPS I almost forgot..take a minute or two and visit with all the great people who are featuring Pedigree on their blogs this weekend...every dog that will advertise on their blog gets a free bag.....what Ma?
Oh sorry......
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Pedigree will donate a 20 lb. bag to a doggie shelter...what a great bunch of people there!TY Nigel for giving everyone a chance to make a difference!


  1. Sure does look like fun. Wonder if uncle took our two greyhound cousins. We like the bakery table the best
    Benny & Lily
    PeeS. Moms high school friend lives in Pt Pl. Beach..nutty huh?

  2. Becky
    That sure looked like fun and you saw and made friends. So did you get some treats from that delicious treat table??


  3. Thanks fur sharing the pawesome day with us!

    Woo got see some furry khool pups!

    AND how nice to share the Pedigree Drive!

    Dogs Rule!


  4. You Ma and Pa sure do take you to a lot of fun places - and you behave so nicely!! We're so proud of you.

    Aunt Lilly, Dad, Mom and Brother Ruairi

  5. Hi Becky and Mom and Pa,
    What a fun day you all had!!! Did you ever get in the water Becky??
    So nice that you visited!!!! Please come again soon.
    XXOO,Bambi & Fern
    PS, we are celebrating Bambi's birthday the first of Oct. She will be 13

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to post about this event! With the help of everyone we were able to raise about 8,000lbs of food!

    Two Little Cavaliers

  7. i love these doggie expedition! he could have taken
    on that wave. i just know it!!!!

  8. That looks like such a great time! Give Becky a huge and kiss for me.