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Monday, May 2, 2011

About That Tree...........

"Well Becky you know we have to work on planting that tree today...better go get Gus so we can get an early start!"
"Humph! I can push that tree all by myself now...what does Ma think I am, a baby?"
"Whew this is gonna be a little harder than I thought!OK..on the count of three..one.....two............."

"grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....hey Becky?"
"Whatcha doin' little one?You're not trying to move that big tree all alone are you?"
"Boy am I glad to see you G-dog.I heard Ma & Pa talking about using a doggie to move this here ol' tree......I figured she meant me, being the younger and sassy one..."
"No Becky.... they need a DOLLY"...."You mean a toy?"
"No Becky.you better let Ma & Pa do the work today..I'm sure they'll find something else for us to do....as a mater of fact, see all that grass seed Ma and Pa planted..I think they need us to help smoosh it into the soil for them, so it'll grow quicker!"

"Uh-oh...gotta run now..See Ya........."


  1. We think if you hook a rope to it and pull with your strong terrier bodies, you might be able to do it.

    Auntie Lilly, Dad, Mom and Brother Ruairi

    PS - did you see the new puppies that are your 1/2 siblings!!

  2. Can't a girl just find a nice spot to warm her bum without harassment!


  3. Little Becks, you have a big heart and good intentions, this I can tell. Gus, way to be there for your sister! Did the tree get in the ground?

    Happy Mother's Day, Miss Nancy!

    Becky, Duhgall, Fiona and Socks