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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Year Ago..............

It's so very hard to believe that you have been gone a year...........we all miss you so very much......working in the garden, feeding the birds, dreaming, sipping tea........and most of all how you loved all of God's creation.
It is so difficult to go on, and even more difficult to try and celebrate Angus' birthday on the same day........so we know celebrate life.....yours, Gussy dogs, and especially Becky, who loved you instantly.
We can all still see you holding her in your lap for hours, that very first day she came.

Rest well Deb.....we know that you are gardening with the angels now for sure!


  1. Losing a friend is a difficult transition. If I remember Deb was your neighbor who passed suddenly. You carry her in your heart now. Let her rest softly there.
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. Time gos so fast doesn't it Nancy?? In 3 days my Bambi girl has been gone for 9 months and I still see her every where I look!!!!! I feel her around me even still!!!!
    So good to see you !!! Thanks for coming!!!!!

  3. Oh oh oh I love this hon. Thank you so much for adding my picture to your tribute! I am touched that you did. What a dear friend..so very hard to lose those we love so. Huge gentle hugs and love to you all! Love, Sarah