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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Great Day To Be A Puppy

Me, Ma & Pa went for a walkabout today, bein' the weather wuz nice and warm!
Ma told me not to do anything dopey like jump in the water...
"BOL....would I really think of doin' that ,Ma?"
"Did I wanna do what Ma?"
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"Come on lemme at 'em!"
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"Aw man come on Ma....that tree rat will be gone before ya know it....wait a minute....hey look at the two hotdawgz"
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"Their Ma & Pa probably got a 2 for 1 deal with them.......BOL!"
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Ma told me that we were in Brick NJ right here
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I gotta tell ya, we walked a good mile and a half....and for my little body it felt like 10....I don't think I look too tired though..."
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"....next time G-dog will be coming along....Uncle Richard told Ma & Pa that he howled the whole time we were gone..G-dog, not Uncle Richard.....AAAAARRROOOO!"


  1. You always have the best pictures! Looks like you guys have a fantastic day!

  2. Great pikhs!

    Since woo are just a wee puppy, I'm sure it seemed like miles and miles and miles!


  3. what a fun walk Becky.
    You are just so cute and getting cute as you are growing. Keep an eye on those pesty squirrels ok??


  4. Hey Beckers!!

    What a fun walk you had. We had a great weekend too - Ruairi even got to go to a picnic and our goofy Mom did not even take one picture - sheesh!!

    Love you,
    Aunt Lilly, Dad, Mom and Brother Ruairi

    PS - tell your peeps now would be a great time to come visit us for the weekend. We know you and the G-man would love it here.

  5. Becky is so ADORABLE!! What a joy she must be in your lives. :D What would we ever do without our little Scottie friends?

  6. What a beautiful walk! Thanks for sharing the pictures!


  7. I just now read about the "afghan incident!" Oh, my! Becky is keeping up with her distant cousin, Maggie, who chewed a hole in a quilt at the same age!

  8. What a fun walk. Lots of thing to see. I mostly walk in the woods and not in the city. Lots of squirrels though
    Baron the GSD