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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Ma & Pa took me to the Point Boro Annual Halloween Parade today..G-dog pawed out the candy while we were gone...
...I thought maybe I had eaten too many treats and had a bad dream!
...EVERYWHERE I looked there were more and more bits and pieces of my imagination runnin' wild!
All colors, shapes....
...and sizes
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....see what I mean?

Hey I think I'm being watched...

......oh hi there fella....how are ya enjoying the parade?
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No way........where?

Hey how cool....CANDYLAND!
You got a a treat for me in that wagon lady????
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...hey how did that duck get over there now?
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Aw Pa.....do I have to take a picture with Ma?

........well OK but Ma you'd better keep your eye on that group on the other side of the fence!
I think they may be mafia!
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Hey buddy, what kind of costume do you have on?


Way to go....like he said
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...yea well the vet may be in, but I am OUTTA HERE!!!

Awwwwwww.look at that lil' one!

Yea I know what ya mean......I'm gettin' a little tired of it all too!
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Well you may be going bananas......
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....but I am going home!
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Hope that you all had a great day trick or treating!


  1. Happy Halloween!
    Your Friends

  2. It must run in the family - you have to read our Howl-O-Ween Fairytale to know why - we don't want to ruin the ending for you.

    Our Mom thinks you're about the cutest pup she's ever seen - what are we, chopped liver??

    Aunt Lilly, Dad, Mom and Brother Ruairi

  3. Happy HOWL-o-ween!


    PeeEssWoo: Great pikhs! Thanks fur sharing! The look on that Aussie sooo said it all!

  4. HI Becky
    what a fun parade!! BOY! You sure saw lots and had lots of fun and you looked so cute too!!


  5. ohmygravy! miss becky, you have got to be the most cutest buzzin' bumble bee i have evarrr seen!! my mama is squealin' in delightments!! heehee. the lastest pic is our fave!
    it sounds like you had a totally awesome sauce day at the halloween parade! that dude in the rubber ducky suit is funny.

    the booker man

  6. I can't decide which costume I like better - your bee outfit or Jazzi's taco one!

    Love those antennae!!!

    Roo Roo, Stuart

  7. Nancy thank you again for your cares and attentions and your prayers. I posted the circumstances regarding Biddy. Believe me when I say we feel your prayers.