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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Flu Flew By Our Home This Week

One of my favorite pastimes, especially in Winter, is to watch the birdies....and the duckies. We are so fortunate to have several lakes within a few blocks.Even though we can never get close enough ( even with that zoom lense) there is no mistaking that the cold weather waterfowl have arrived.

In the backyard we have some regulars and some surprises as well....


This was not a purple martin,but a purple bug...or virus...or flu bug. I was told by our doctor that to get rid of "it", we had to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and get this shot (as a precautionary measure of course...AND you had to sign a waiver that you were in fact NOT allergic to eggs!)
What kind of eggs? Duck eggs??? Bird eggs??? Alligator eggs???

Needless to say chicken soup is high on the menu in our house this week. So is lots of tea, orange juice, and toast. Not the best way to jump start a diet, but what can I say, except that,this too shall pass...not soon enough..aaachoooo!

O I wanted to share these wonderful Bible passages today on one of my favorite sites, Beliefnet.


I hope that they bring you some comfort today.
Please remember to say a special prayer for all of the people of Haiti. If you can send them a dollar...or more....and if you do have the flu, and are feeling under the weather, like me, remember to give thanks.....that you have a roof over your head, food to eat, water to drink, and hopefully a doctor close by to ease your discomfort.

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  1. Nancy dear, I hope that the FLU flies right on by! Beautiful photos of the birds. I know how much they mean to you!

    Give Mr. Gus a hug from us!
    I will be emailing you more pictures...of the female wheaten scottie!