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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look What Just Came In The Mail!!!!

Macy saw it coming before I did! Have you EVER seen such beautiful detail? I mean EVER?????? My sweet friend Gwen's husband Roger recently retired and is using his wonderful talents to bring joy! What is more joyful than a hummingbird? Can you believe that he painstakingly did this with a needle, the size of a sewing machine needle? The time that went into this???? Roger, you made our day here and we just can't thank you enough!!!!

It looks so real that Macy thinks that it flew in! He looks like he is saying, "how did that one get past me?

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

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  1. The hummingbird is lovely! And your cat is such a beautiful dreamer!!! Thanks for sharing!

    (I'm having a giveaway...come on over!)