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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Furbabies Do Here On A Sunny Day

We are FINALLY getting some nice seasonal weather here today ( my season of course ;o) All of the furbabies are enjoying the abundant sunshine pouring in from those windows! Angus of course was anxious to wander outside and soak up a little sun on the back steps ( and I suspect watching for squirrels was also part of his agenda!) So out he went, running , barking, announcing his presence as usual...

Macy, making sure that Mommy is out of the kitchen, once again turns the faucet on. Bootsie, as you can tell is totally disgusted by the stupid dog again. I thought that he looked a little too comfortable on those steps.

On closer inspection, I discovered that my "special" scottie dug had a doggie dilemma. Act nonchalant about the thorny rose vine attached to his paw.............or whimper ever so softly, just to make me think that I am missing something important outside?


Needless to say, he chose the high road.....actually tucked his paw under his belly hoping that he would get it off himself before I noticed.

I'ts ok Gussy Dog, we all love you anyway!!!!!!!

Hope that you have a warm and sunny day, with a few thornless roses coming your way :o)


  1. those fur babies are so sweet....
    love the kitty drinking from the faucet~what a smarty!


  2. I so love this post and your NEW blog look!!!
    Ok, so I couldn't wait until tomorrow to check it out. The attic can wait...along with the cobwebs and all of the spider dung. ha.

    Your cats are so cute! Tell me that she really doesn't turn the faucet on. Oh, and LOVE the cherry tiles on the back-splash!!!!!
    Go and check out Sweet Bee Cottage. She is getting rid of her CHERRY wallpaper that would be perfect in your house.

    Poor Gus...and yes, that is so scottie like to act like nothing is realllly and truelllly wrong. Contemplative. Secretive. Mysterious. All adjectives of their lovely little selves. I hope that he wasn't harmed too terribly bad. Give little Gus Gus and BIG hug from me and the rest of our scottie gang.

    love ya oodles and bunches,