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Monday, March 8, 2010

Feline Prisoners Of Love

I am the cat known as Macy....I'm not exactly sure what I did wrong......how I ended up behind bars 
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..I'm a nice cat, a little hyperactive, but what cat isn't?
I suspect that I was framed...I love that little cat, the one called Bootise..


I would do anything for her!


That is how I found myself here..a prisoner of love....
Unable to resist her charms, I was persuaded to take part in an act of deception....she had persuaded me to conceal one of her deep dark secrets..it was she, yes SHE who had torn the hole in our beloved mother's table runner..the one that she slaved over for hours...days.....

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and then......under pressure she confessed, that I had been wrongly accused...she had attempted to cover up the evidence with a carefully laid out plan... 

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 Time continued to pass, ever so slowly......yet I waited for her...I knew that we would be reunited..

...we will continue to wait..together....until we are liberated from the prison walls, and are once again, permitted to run freely throughout the house...all parts of the house.....until then, we will endure our fate........