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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Hidden Dangers Of Dark Beer

I worked in the garden and the yard for MANY HOURS today ~ 
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.....I raked, I bagged leaves, pruned, clipped, found life returning....and rejoiced!
Then I came in tired but happy and did something that I normally don't do....I had a beer....dark beer...stout....I thought that it was a nice way to end this long day, along with my favorite veggie pizza from Luigi's....

I set the bottle down next to the laptop....
A) I don't normally drink.
B) I set the bottle down next to the laptop, or attempted to.....my little felted friends were sitting where I went to place the bottle.. again please take note... I normally don't drink.

In an attempt to not disturb my little felted friends....I am sure by now you all know where this story is going......
I moved the bottle too quickly...it spilled...only a little, but enough to make the keyboard do this:

Then this:


Looks like a secret code doesn't it?

Trust me, it wasn't.

Normally when I see that on the screen it is because one of the cats has been "resting" yet again on the keyboard.
If there is a patron saint for computers, I would ask that you please pray to this saint....I am doing to need divine intervention, to fix this problem.

Moral of the story........
Don't drink and type ;o)


  1. Sorry about that. I love a beer on a warm day!
    I will pray to the computer guy. I never trust myself so all liquids are never near my computer.

  2. I know this would be funny if it weren't so sad for the poor little keyboard. I too got outside this weekend and found not only little bits of green poking out of the soil but I found some daffodils actually blooming out in the field! It is such a wonderful feeling being out in the first real sunshine of Spring doesn't it?

  3. Oooops! Well they do say that a balanced diet is a beer in each hand, so perhaps if you'd had two beers it wouldn't have happened??
    Its good to get going in the garden again though, isn't it, and lovely when you uncover shoots and new buds?

  4. Also, I've just managed to get to the Shabby Blogs site from links at the top of your page and I'm so excited, as I love the design and stuff I see on other people's pages.
    Also thank you for joining me at mine- or did I say that somewhere else? I remember visiting you during OWOH and thinking I must get back to you...
    Scatty head!

  5. My hubby says I'm a 3 beer gal - drink one, spill one, give one away. I'm happy to see that you're just a 2 beer gal - you can drink and spill the same one. LOL!