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Friday, March 12, 2010

Well I REALLY Have Done it Now Ollie!!!!!

Who would have thought............after all cleaning and blow drying and praying..

Remember my little tale about the dark beer the other day.....well there are 3 (YEP...THREE)keys that I till cannot get to work. I have to copy and pa_te them to get a point acro__....
Can you gue__ which key will not work at all? A very important one, that I need to _gin in...,

to type my ID in blogger.....

to do ANYTHING...
Well the very fir_t per_on to po_t a re_pon_e to my tale of woe, will be getting a package in the mail from me...and no it will not be the dog....or choice of cat----

On to my wordle__ tale for today.

I like weather...I like wind....I like rain...very exciting to watch, and to hear from the cozy warm den with the big window to watch the wildlife from.

Here are a few that came to drop in for a bite to eat in the yard today...enjoy and be careful out there, the next day..or two..or three!..

Hug--- from Nancy and Angu---


Today I worked on my gratitude journal....an important part of my life now...today I am grateful for:

All of the life that I can watch from my window...everyday...my heart, warmed by nature, everyday...

The chance to blog...to meet, to greet, to laugh, to cry...kindred blogger(plural) make my world rock!

Every furbaby I have and have had, throughout my life....

To be able to walk along the beach, at anytime, day or night, anytime of the year, no matter what the weather...

Hopefully I will be able to include my non-working KEY(plural) too, in a day..or two....or three!!!!


  1. Are you kidding me, am I first? It's you "S" key for sure. _orry about that!

  2. I need to start that journal. I love all the birdie pictures.

  3. Oh, you are making me laugh at your expense! I hope your keyboard dries out and the S returns. I have spilled on mine before. It wasn't as bad as when the cat knocked my camera in the water bowl. That was deadly. Add that to your list of not to dos--leaving anything important on the counter that the cats can knock off into the water. We can't come up with too many 'not toos'. LOL

  4. oh how funny...since it's happening to you and not me -wry grin-! don't you just hate it when life throws such a simple curve ball and we cave?! I hate it. I hate it for you. Have you tried some canned air to clean your keyboard? Perhaps it's dusty; that's what's wrong with my keyboard and keys sticking.

  5. this made me laugh...
    every time that i sit down at the computer with a drink...i think of this!
    i've starting sitting my drinks on the ground next to me so that i don't end up with a keyboard with no "s"


    i love the rain and weather too.
    we had our first thunderstorm of spring the other day and i was so excited!