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Friday, February 26, 2010

"ANOTHER STORM....you gotta be kiddin' me!"

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"Well that's what I heard....heard it on the radio earlier!" 
"hmmm...gettin' windy out" 

"sure hope we have enough grub to last" 
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"HA! Ya call this wind? Wait til later!" 

"I heard we're gettin' gusts up to 50 mph! 

"You sure that you heard right...wind may be affecting your hearing " 
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"My hearing is just fine, thank you!" 

"Nah...just some flurries" 
"Look all I'm tryin' to say is...." 

"If you two are done yakking can we just call it a day? My wings are startin' to freeze up here!""Posted by Picasa

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