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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Longing For Color......

I wish that I could say that I had a specific theme in mind......I didn't...actually that's not entirely true. I am LONGING for color......really having a mid winter need for a palette full of Mother Nature's finest.Posted by Picasa
Winters in the Northeast can be very long.... 
Living along the coast can be especially brutal. When the Northeast winds begin to blow, you can literally feel them whooshing through this old house.... Posted by Picasa
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Posted by Picasa
~If you are fortunate enough to live near one of the Garden State's many nurseries, you can always just pop in to say hello to all of the posies being carefully nurtured~Posted by Picasa
So rather than focusing on the howling wind.....Posted by Picasa
 .....and the blinding snow...
Posted by Picasa
 I would rather close my eyes and visualize what is to come.....
.....and I have to smile.....Posted by Picasa
Knowing well that God's grace will bring us through this storm.... 
As it has many times before..... 
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Wishing you all a peaceful day!


  1. Oh oh oh my that is delicious..I can smell the roses ...seriously I can..wow! I do adore berries too!! Mmmmmmm wonderful post! I feel warmed!!
    LOL glad ya like the little scottie..:)seriously if you would like him just let me know I have not posted him anywhere yet. Just email me hon. Hugs, Sarah

  2. Great minds...I posted something like this on my photo blog on Thursday...just a breather nice Springy pictures! Have a great Saturday:)