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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Big Chill

Well that was an interesting storm ~ can't say that we have one like that during most winter seasons. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time that we had one that intense. Evidently The Weather Channel saw something else in the midst of the storm ~
 and no I did not alter the text on the tv.....
Can you imagine what these poor birds were thinking when they saw THAT??? Posted by Picasa



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~Now there really is an ocean beyond this point ~

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Stay tuned for continuing updates on The REAL Big Chill!!!


  1. How adorable is Angus!! and I love those pics of the cardinals. it took 24 hours to be able to get the trucks out out. still no snow blower but I ordered one...will not be here in time for this next mess. The sad thing is, Ron was scheduled for retina re-attachment surgery at Kimball on wed. that may get postponed (2nd time)

    My Dad used to work (and Ron did P/T with him for a while...apprenticing) at "Bird's letter service"Printer in Pt. pleasant beach.

    we lived in Herbertsville section of Brick when I was 13-16 (1973-76)spent almost every Saturday at the PP boards during the summer with my friends....small world.

    you do not want my house... it is very old(the orignal part) with no central heat--just our wood stove (the addition has electric heat and a wood stove) there is quite a bit of repair work needed... and since the late MIL insisted on such a huge addition...now the house is just waaay too big, especially with me being disabled now.

    but my property is nice.:)

    Pt.Pleasant has some beautiful older homes.

    we'll have to meet at the OB some time for coffee or whatever :)

    did you see I am now a participant in OWOH?

    talk to you soon...love that one shot in particular...but they are all good :)

  2. My hubby grew up in Passic, NJ...far from you? The snow is awesome...