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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Too Many Veggies? Tired of Soup????

Well a vote was taken in this house...the results are in....NO MORE SOUP.
I don't know what I was thinking. I went on a binge....some people go on drinking binges, some shopping.......I cook when I am stressed. When I get my hands on extra vegetables, clear the runway for takeoff...I am ready to create in the kitchen.

This time it was pasta sauce and plenty of it ~

I swear I don't remember there being this many in the veggie bin. I thought there were only a few mushrooms left, maybe a stray squash or two.  

Three types of onions in the bin ~ yup, THREE!! 

More tomatoes than any sane person should be allowed to have stored ~ 
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So into the pan they go!

Now for the recipe, just in case there are any non_Italians reading my latest ramblings~ PLEASE NOTE: I COOK LIKE MY GRANDMOTHER AND MY FATHER ~ i.e. I guess amounts.
1 Quart bowl of veggies ~ any and all....broccoli, mushrooms, squash, onions, carrots, LOTS OF GARLIC to keep the vampires away ( or is it the flu...I forget)

Olive oil, enough to saute them, but not drench them...you want these babies to be crisp.

White wine.........ahhhhhhhhhh....mother's milk in the kitchen, at least to the veggies.

Red Pepper Flakes ~ seasoned to your taste, along with fresh ground pepper.if you can find fresh basil and parsley, even better ( whatever we have left is buried under the snow ;o(

Now this is optional ~ cream..it can be heavy, light, half and half, fat free, but remember...you are going for a REALLY nice consistency of suace so if I were you ( hint hint), I would go with the heavy.....splurge..if you are like me, you will be working it off shoveling snow the next two days.

Oh gee, I almost forgot........this is my favorite...........it has all the vitamins and healthy protein you want, plus the fiber:

Let me know how you like this combo and if you have any suggestions on how to liven it up ~ Happy cooking!

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  1. How you cook is wonderful! It's how I learned, watching mainly the women, sometimes the men, in my family. A bit of this, some of that, tasting all the way and, in the end. something to warm body and soul, to summon the word 'cozy', to make someone feel loved...even if that someone is ME.
    Beautiful sauce, what would I add? Possibly bay leaves, artichoke hearts, fresh ground pepper, sea salt and a couple of servings of homemade garlic bread.