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Monday, February 1, 2010

A Tale of Two Kitties ^>..<^~(and a squirrel?)

Today started with those familiar screams that we hear daily from our "resident" squirrel ~ i.e., the one who we identify by it's ear markings, and unusual behavior. What is unusual about it's behavior you ask? Well let's see.....for a start his best friend is one of our "resident" cats...i.e., a cat that has lived in our garage and crawl space for the last two years ~ feral but friendly. Her terms, not ours...always.

OK so back to the squirrel ~ HE ( yes he ) was making those noises....you know what they sound like........"caaaaaaaat...caaaaaaaaaaaat"......"scaaaaaaaaat cat......scaaaaaat."
At least that is how we interpret them here.

In trying to determine what was bugging him now, we thought at first he was annoyed because Blackie (resident cat # 1, his pal ), was not chasing him....he likes to play with Blackie..... a little too much. I think that HE thinks that ALL cats are like Blackie............

Enter resident cat # 2....Winston, or as he is also known,"that cat with the big head." Winston also very sweet always looks surprised...kinda like Mr. Bill from the older SNL skits. We call him Winston, because we think he looks like Winston Churchill.....originally we thought he looked like Steed from the Avengers, but upon closer examination, we felt that Churchill was his double.............I digress.....

It appeared today that "the squirrel with no name", was alarmed by Winston's presence....one bowl of dry food......two cats..could be trouble he thought.....so he took off.....a battle for the bowl commenced.....at which point Gus wanted a piece of the action.......enter animal # 4...domestic canine, with sweet eyes,a loving heart, and no common sense.

When Gus got outside, and started to run, they all scattered....Gus ate the cat food and returned back inside to digest his meal.

The cats took off in opposite directions, and the squirrel scampered back up the tree.
Why am I telling you all of this?
It came to our attention today that these two cats, that we were certain destined for a life of misery, have been working the houses in our neighborhood....all of them.

In search of handouts, which apparently they get.
We are their home base.
We are who they return to at night for comfort.
We are their safety zone.

How many of you have been taken in by multiple animals? Inquiring minds want to know :o)


  1. that made me smile.

    i'm always a sucker for a stray....ever since i was a little girl. i can remember trying to make it my life's ambition to tame this little schnauzer stray that would scamper past our house. i always kept on eye on the street waiting for him to come by. i never did make contact.

    we have a cat now that adopted us. he is the best~


  2. Our neighborhood once had a gorgeous rabbit that took to visiting everyone. I have photographs somewhere of my kids feeding it a plate of vegetables.
    Now if we could just get rid of the skunk family that moved in about 3 years ago we would ALL be thrilled.