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Friday, February 26, 2010

"I TOLD you we we gonna get more snow!"


"But does anyone listen to me?" 

"nooooooo....of course not!" 

"Gee where did everyone go all of a sudden?"
"Awfully quiet here.....almost too quiet!"

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"I just have the feeling that I'm being watched"Posted by Picasa


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"Pardon me...but do you have any grey poupon?"


  1. lol I love cardinals! I wish we had them here where we live... but alas, we do not. That falcon looks mighty hungry!! lol

  2. Oh your pictures are so wonderful! Looks like you've gotten plenty of snow! We're supposed to be in the forties for a week and no precipitation! Yeah! Sunshine! Cardinals are my favorite winter bird. Hope the snow quits and Spring is there for you soon!

  3. LOL!!!! A perfect post to go with your amazing photos! Looks like that lil' hawk is checking your yard for food. We have one that hangs out in our trees.

    ((hugs)) to you...
    stay warm, my friend.


  4. Nancy i gotta ask, how do you take these photos? I have tried to take pictures from the window, and I always get a reflection back at me, but if I go outside, the birds take off!! These as usual are wonderful!! :)

    I love peeking at your birdie beauties!