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Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine Teddy Bear Tea Party!

It's almost time for our Valentine's Day giveaway...all of our little felted animal friends will be in attendance for a special TEA PARTY....won't you come join us?
Bobbie Bunny is waiting so patiently! 
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Gerald Gopher offers you the key to unlocking the secret ~

Maybe it will be the key to his heart.......or perhaps the key to your heart's desire......

Penelope Piglet is anxious to attend ~ see how she is smiling?

William the Wheaten Scottie is just wagging his tail ~ could it be that he knows what the prize will be?

Chances are that Chauncey Cardinal may even hop of the nest for a moment or two :o)

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It looks as though they are ready to reveal the prize.........could it be.....yes I think it is......

A truly scrumptious desert! As promised our prize is revealed ~ a needle felted pin cushion, with colorful pins! I wonder who the lucky winner will be?

Keep checking back to see ;o)

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