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Friday, February 5, 2010

MORE SNOW??? Oh no ~ say it isn't so :o(


This dog really does do other things besides sleep on the daybed...really.....honestly....

It appears that once again, we will be paid a visit by Jack Frost, Old Man Winter, or however you refer to that force that brings tons of white stuff.

Red "buttons" Bird knows it.....
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Blackie aka mooch # 1 knows it

They ALL know what's coming.

So the plan here is to get necessary supplies from Wally World ( again ), remove the shovels from the garage ( again ), and get ready to hunker down with my little friend and a BIG cup of cocoa!

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I would LOVE to know what everyone else is going to do this weekend( besides watch the Superbowl and make chili :o) 
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More than likely, my "to do" list is going to look something like this:

1) Shovel the snow form the walkway.
2) Consume hot cocoa.
3) Remove snow from the jeep, which by now is probably about 6".
4) Consume more hot cocoa.
5) Return to the jeep which by now has another 4".
6) Go back inside to warm up for 5 minutes, then start clearing a path for Gus in the backyard ~ this also entails clearing a path for Mooch # 1, aka Blackie and Mooch # 2,aka Winston ( see previous posts.)
7) Repeat #s 1 - 6, several times.

After about 6 hours of this, this is what we are ALL going to be doing here:
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Have a safe weekend ~ if you get cabin fever, try to grin and bear it....

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