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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This has been a long, difficult week. There are very few people that I can compare my Mother-In-Law to. As a matter of fact, I can't think of anyone.

~She was the last of the true family matriarchs.
~She was in a class by herself. She loved her family.
~She raised three children with value systems almost unheard of today.
~She never had a bad thing to say about anyone.
~She was proud of her family, no matter what they did.
~She never once complained. Not once. Not through the grueling chemotherapy, the radiation treatments. The last time we saw her, when she could still speak was about two weeks ago. She told us not to come up if it was snowing, in the next few days.
~She ALWAYS had faith in her God.
~We have all been asking ourselves the same questions for so long now. Why her? Why a woman of God? Strong in her faith, honest to a fault, why did she experience so much suffering.

We don't have answers. It is at this point that your faith, anyone's faith in God has to take over. If we did not have that, it would make most of this unbearable.
The priest who served at her funeral mass on Saturday said exactly what we needed to hear....that if we did not know better, the story would end here.

But it doesn't. She is with God now..........for that we can all be certain.
She is, as my friend Pat said, resting in the arms of the Lord.....for now...until around March 16th, when she will be rounding up people to make ham and cabbage for St.Paddy's Day.

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This is how we will ALWAYS remember you Mom. You were loved more than you ever knew, more than you were ever told, and will be missed so very much by those who were lucky enough to know you.

Don't forget to say "CHEESE" :o)


  1. What a beautiful tribute. I know she will be sorely missed.


  2. What wonderful things to say about someone, we all know now how special she was.

  3. Nancy, this is a beautiful tribute to your wonderful mother in law. I think about you every day and pray that you both are doing well. Such loving memories you have for an amazing woman. Now how many of us can say we never complain or never say a bad word about anyone. She truely was an angel - and now walks with our Jesus.

    I'll be sending a package your way soon.

    Know I love you,